RES-186 ¥2,400(本体価格)+税 2011年5月18日発売

「30 YEARS ANNIVERSARY OF STARS ON 45〜Japanese Limited Edition〜」


ビートルズメドレーのリミックスも収録した決定盤! 80年代最大のディスコヒットアルバム!


ビートルズ・メドレーを中心にした決定盤です! これを機会に是非!

■stars on 45■no reply■i'll be back■drive my car■do you want to know a secret■we can work it out■i should have known better■nowhere man■you're going to lose that girl■ticket to ride■the word■eleanor rigby■every little thing■and your bird can sing■get back■eight days a week■it won't be long■daytripper■wait■stars on 45■good day sunshine■my sweet lord■here comes the sun■while my guitar gently weeps■taxman■a hard day's night■things we said today■if i fell■you can't do that■please please me■from me to you■i want to hold your hand■stars on 45
2. スターズ・オン・45〜アバ・メドレー〜(8:30)
stars on 45 (2)■voulez-vous■s.o.s.■bang-a-boomerang■money,money,money■knowing me,knowing you■fernando■the winner takes it all■super trouper■stars on 45 ■dum dum diddle■lay all your love on me■on and on and on■super trouper■summer night city■gimme gimme■stars on 45 (2)
3. カーペンターズ・メドレー(7:25)
sittin' by my radio■sing■top of the world■superstar■close to you■yesterday once more■sing
4. スターズ・オン・45
the stars will never stop■sympathy for the devil■miss you■as tears go by■brown sugar■jumpin' jack flash■take it or leave it■under my thumb■honky tonk woman■lady jane■(I can't get no) satisfaction■get off my cloud■stars on jingle■under the boardwalk■out of time■gimme shelter■let's spend the night together■tell me (you're coming back)■we love you■play with fire■it's only rock 'n roll■ruby Tuesday■star star■emotional rescue■she's a rainbow■start me up■angie
5. スターズ・オン・45〜ザ・リミックス・ヴァージョン1989〜(ビートルズ・メドレー)(6:17)
rock the house■stars on 45■rock the house■a hard day's night■please please me■from me to you■ticket to ride■drive my car■do you want to know a secret■we can work it out■i should have known better■rock the house■nowhere man■you're going to lose that girl■no reply■rock the house■taxman■rock the house■i want to hold your hand■rock the house
6. スターズ・オン・スティービー・ワンダー
uptight (everything's alright)■my cherie amour■yester-me, yester-you, yesterday■master blaster■you are the sunshine of my life■isn't she lovely■stars on (jingle)■sir duke■i wish■i was made to love her■for once in my life■superstition■sir duke■don't you worry 'bout a thing■a place in the sun■fingertips
Track 7. スターズ・オン・45〜45・ラジオ・ミックス〜(2:42)
45 radio mix

Total Time 65:16

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